Every once in a while I brush aside all the stacks of paper on my desk and tell myself to spend a couple hours deep diving into some topic to see where it takes me. If browsers could heat up from over-use, there would be smoke coming out of my office for those two hours.

This time I focused on an IDC report that came out towards the end of 2013. I had seen this phrase a few times before, but for some reason it really caught my eye this time:
The Third Platform.

On September 5, 2013, industry expert Charles Yorek, presented an outstanding webinar on the topic of “Achieving Success with Mobile BI.” The slides from that presentation are available for you to download and you can also see the entire recorded webinar.

Oracle BI (OBIEE) has been a laggard in the Mobile BI space up until this point. They have provided only very basic abilities in terms of application design and interaction. It is exciting to see they have stepped up their game with the announcement of their new Oracle BI Mobile App Designer.

Recently I was at a client site discussing the impressive adoption rate of a Mobile BI project that had just gone into production compared to some previous similar projects that had not fared as well. As we white-boarded the particulars of each application’s adoption, we realized that the main difference was how each project had come to be in the first place.

The business impact of BI software and practices have plateaued for some, though 2013 brings huge opportunities with mobile access, according to a BI adoption assessment. BI Scorecard surveyed and assessed 634 business intelligence practitioners “2012 Successful BI Survey,” the sixth installment its annual gauge of adoption and trends.

In her annual preview, Cindi Howson, founder of BI Scorecard, takes a look at what she sees for 2013. It’s a short list of BI hot buttons, including dashboards, self-service, mobile, in-memory, cloud, collaboration and, of course, big data.

The Call Center Clipboard is a powerful mobile app that provides call center directors and managers a “digital clipboard” for them to literally walk amongst their call center employees while staying connected to important information on their smart phone or tablet.