Chris Jordan, President and Co-Founder of iOLAP, is an expert in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Big Data and Data Integration technologies.  Together with iOLAP co-founder, Doug Slemmer, Chris has steered the company’s service offerings to its h2 focus on Business Intelligence and Big Data. Prior to starting iOLAP, Chris worked as a Business Intelligence consultant, and has extensive experience in Data Warehousing development and technologies.  Chris has a BBA in finance and management from Florida Atlantic University.

If you have any doubts about the data flood that is covering the globe, here are a few amazing stats. Around the world, in just one minute…

How old is your data warehouse? It’s a simple question and probably one you don’t think about much. The majority of production data warehouses are now 15-20 years old and probably very transactional centric. Over the years, you’ve probably remodeled “the house” more than a few times—adding some “rooms” and “upgrades” here and there. It’s starting to feel its age as more Business Intelligence requirements have been added, including Mobile applications and specialized analytics. And more and more ideas seem to show up in your inbox every day, especially Big Data questions.

The success of any company is becoming more and more dependent on unlocking the value of data and turning it into trusted information for critical decision making. The ability to deliver the right information at the right time and in the right context is crucial. Today, organizations are bursting with data, yet most executives would agree they need to improve how they leverage information to prevent multiple versions of the truth, improve trust and control and respond quickly to change.

If you are an IBM customer, it is very likely you have received some level of education about IBM’s Information Management solutions platform, which includes IBM’s Big Data strategy.